1969 Dodge Charger

The story

This beauty was originally purchased, brand new, by John's oldest aunt in 1968.  John's grandpa took ownership a few years later and then John's mom drove the car to and from work.  In 1978, the car was stolen from the Fairlane Mall in Dearborn, MI.  The vehicle was recovered 22 years later in Eastpointe, MI.  The person was not aware it was stolen.  He discovered the VIN on the dash was glued rather than riveted, like the manufacturer would have done and so he reported it to the police.  After further investigation, the VIN in the trunk, which cannot be removed, did not match the glued VIN on the dash.  The police officer searched the National Insurance Crime Bureau database and thankfully, John's grandpa never changed his phone number!   The police offered him the car back to John's grandpa and he took it.  John took ownership in 2007 and with the encouragement from his grandpa:  "you'll never finish it", John successfully completed the restoration a few years later.  Here are the details of the restoration from start to finish: